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How to Enjoy Helen in 720p Resolution

a warm-up for what's to come. in this film, non-spock characters talk for an hour, after which the episode cuts to a few minutes of a character named "bones" giving a monologue. the episode then returns to the main story, which seems to be a translation of the novel. as an episode, this is very similar to the novel, although it's told from kirk's perspective. kirk may have gotten a lot of flak for the novel version. but the differences are minor. the novel begins with a prologue in which kirk is a new cadet. the episode takes place after that, so the show gives kirk more time to mature as a character. this is especially apparent in the opening scene, in which a doctor is seeing the captain off. in the novel, kirk gets to say goodbye to his parents. in the episode, mccoy and spock come up with the idea of sending him to his new unit. the show then returns to the present in which kirk is commanding the enterprise. the episode also gives him a little more time to decide what his new course of action will be.

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saving this movie for last. this film is very similar to the last one. it's another movie that's designed to be a tv miniseries. it's a loose adaptation of the story from the book, with the events occurring over a longer period of time. this gives the movie more room to develop kirk's character. in the novel, kirk's feelings for uhura are much more developed. she is so beautiful that he can't stop looking at her. kirk has a bad history with women and does not find it easy to trust them. in the film, uhura is just a very attractive young woman. kirk is already developed in this film and he and she get to grow together as a couple. this works much better in the film than the novel. in the film, kirk's romance with uhura has more depth and sophistication. kirk and uhura's relationship is more believable and satisfying. in the novel, there is no relationship with uhura. kirk's feelings for her are not developed.


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