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Mature Solo [PORTABLE]

These were travellers in their 20s and 30s, setting out on adventures large and small, collecting friends and Instagram likes in equal measure. And when I did come across other midlife travellers these were not often solo travellers.

mature solo

But if the thought of travelling alone in your 50s still fills you with trepidation, take age out of the equation and focus on the advantages of solo travel. Whatever your age, solo travel is a liberating and potentially transformational experience and, in many respects, travelling alone in midlife is easier.

For those who love life on two wheels, take a look at our group cycling tours that are ideal for solo travellers over 60 who would like to explore further without tackling challenging terrain. Whether you'd like to go Cycling in the Baltic States, where you'll breeze past coastal landscapes and explore castles or journey along the the backwaters of Kerala where you'll be spellbound by the authentic sights, scents and sounds of rural India, we'll take care of everything - including your bike - so all you have to do is arrive, and enjoy.

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