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[S3E6] Race With The Demon [BEST]

Casey drives the hot rod out again and finds the mutant driver. After a few maneuvers, Donnie, in the party wagon, is able to pull the mutant driver out of the car. But the driver has returned to being a normal human and Donnie realizes that it was the car that was mutated. The mutant car, calling itself Speed Demon, pulls Donnie inside itself and possesses him, turning him into a frightening and crazy mutant driver. Casey sees the result and informs the others in the party wagon. Leo tells him they need a plan but Casey won't wait. He chases after the car and tries to fight it but it only results in both cars hitting the side rail. Speed Demon, speaking through Donnie, offers Casey a challenge: race him and if he wins, Donnie will be released. But if Casey loses, Casey will give up the hot rod with all the tech and become the new driver for the car. Casey agrees and the race is on.

[S3E6] Race with the Demon

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Michelangelo found Mutagen on the road that leaked from the Speed Demon as Donatello claims a sample of it. While piloting the new car (which was made from parts of Kraang technology) with Dr. Cluckingsworth, Casey works to take down Speed Demon where he uses a smokescreen to slow it down. Donatello removed the driver from the car where he returns to normal. Donatello learns too late that the car is the actual mutant as Speed Demon possesses him. In order to get Donatello out of Speed Demon, Casey ends up in a race to Dead Man's Curb for the fate of Donatello. With help from Dr. Cluckingsworth, Casey frees Donatello from Speed Demon as Speed Demon starts to attack them.

Cole's pager sounds. He excuses himself and shimmers to Vince's apartment. Vince greets Cole as Belthazor. Vince is really a fellow demon, and Cole arranged for Prue to cross paths with him so he could pass his empathy to her. Vince says that Prue has about a day before the emotions she feels destroy her; since she's human, she can't handle them the way a demon can.

Iruma has more than the Ring of Gluttony and his bow. He also has the patience and wisdom to prepare himself for survival in the jungle, setting him apart from reckless demon students who rush off to gather ingredients for points. Iruma's long-term strategy pays off in Episode 6, and he'll need that key advantage with so much competition around.

Iruma, unlike most demons, knows how to delay gratification and plan ahead. Lead follows Iruma's lead and spends some time adjusting to the forest, acclimating himself and learning to think like a natural-born jungle beast. That, combined with a fine meal and leftovers, means the two boys are playing by the jungle's rules rather than demonkind's rules. Humans are the weakest creatures in the jungle, either on Earth or in the Netherworld, so they must use their unique advantages and outlast everyone and everything else. While Iruma and Lead prepare themselves for the battle ahead, other demons are already fighting that battle, and there are bound to be losers. Then Iruma and Lead, on their own terms, can rejoin the race and mop up everyone else.

Iruma's clever jungle survival plan is just one of several examples of how Iruma thinks and operates here in the Netherworld. He has an ENFJ personality type, meaning he's people-oriented and emotionally sensitive, but he is also a skilled planner with principles, so he's not reckless or short-sighted about what he does. Iruma has his own mental playbook, with every strategy tested by hard-won experience. He will gladly help other people and befriend them, but he must be careful and deliberate about it. Iruma can't afford to make things up as he goes, and nor can he rely on demonic strength since he has none. His brainpower is his best weapon.

Iruma waited until the last moment to challenge that beast at Walter Park with his ring, making sure he had the right strategy and timing to claim victory. Then he trained with Bachiko, spending time figuring out why he wanted to win so badly. Iruma needs principles and well-defined purposes to drive him, and once he got his answer, he finally formed his real bow. Now, in Episode 6, Iruma puts his extroverted but calculating mind to work once again, turning the Netherworld playbook upside-down and fighting not now but later. No other demon will see it coming, and it's sure to pay off in the long term. That said, he must not lower his guard around powerful rivals like Oroboas Coco or the Ichiro/Niro pair. Iruma may have an unexpected advantage, but the battle is just beginning.

At the hospital, Mathew tells Nick and Hank what happened. Nick asked him if they expected violence, and Mathew said he tried to hold him down when "the beast fought to control him." They were concerned Daniel would injure himself. Nick asked if he saw a physical change in Daniel, and Mathew said what he saw "wasn't the face of Daniel. It was the face of a demon." Nick and Hank leave the room. Nick says he doesn't think Daniel is Wesen, but he doesn't know what he is. In Daniel's room, a nurse puts a needle in his arm to draw blood, but before she can get any, Daniel wakes up and his face changes, which scares the nurse. She runs out screaming and runs into Nick and Hank, saying she saw some kind of monster in Daniel. Nick goes into the room, and Daniel is sitting up in his bed with his head down. Nick checks on him, but when he lifts his head, his face changes again, surprising Nick. Hank comes into the room and sees Daniel. Nick asks how they are supposed to handle this, and Nick says he thinks they should stay back. Daniel's face changes back to normal, and he puts his head back on his pillow. Nick tells Hank he thinks what ever is going on with Daniel reacts to confrontation. Hank says he thinks they need to put a guard at the door, and Nick agrees. Nick leaves the room as Dr. Saunders is going in. Nick tells her not to do anything that can be perceived as a threat and to only go in for food and observation.

Back at their house, Juliette tells Nick she doesn't think Daniel's behavior is caused by anything viral or bacterial. Juliette tells him a colleague of hers from vet school did a case study about a group of thoroughbreds flown to Dubai for a race, but they had to land in Jordan because of a storm. By the time they got back to the U.S., they exhibited aggressive behavior. The colleague discovered the horses behavior was caused by a protozoa similar to Toxoplasmosis, and if the parasites could be killed from within, the horse's behavior would return to normal. Nick asks her if it worked, but Juliette says the horses were killed before any treatments could be done, prompting Nick to say that seems to be the way things that can't be explained are dealt with.

Nick goes to the interrogation room where Alexander is waiting and drops a folder in front of him, telling him it's Daniel's medical reports. Alexander asks him what it proves, and Nick tells him Daniel was infected with a parasite that caused him to be what the Council called a Grausen. Nick tells him, "It's not possession by demon, it's not a mutation, and Daniel has been cured." Alexander tells Nick he should know better since he's a Grimm and that he needs to see Daniel. Nick reminds him that he is bound to take Nick's word for it because of what the Grimms and the Council agreed to in the Charter of Wittenberg in 1682. Nick tells him to take the report back to the Council so they can read it. Alexander is surprised Nick is letting him go, and Nick says, "I like to think we live in an enlightened age where fear does not drive belief. That's the truth behind the fear." Alexander tells him fear is a difficult thing to change, but Nick tells him to try.

Living a Buddhist/Peaceful Life (ongoing; mostly failed)Passing the school power level test with basic score (all failed)Fix the problems that disrupts his peaceful daily life (ongoing; all succeeded)Keeping his power in control (mostly failed on season 1, mostly succeeded on season 2, all succeeded on web novel)Protect his family, friends and allies (ongoing; mostly succeeded)Protect Sun Rong (ongoing; succeeded)Fix the damaged animation world by breaking through the real world to find and scolds the animation director back to work so the animation world gets fixed (succeeded)Protect Earth in war against demons (all succeeded)Defeating The Demon Emperor (succeeded)

Maggie is a witch with heightened abilities due to her being a Charmed One. Along with her basic witch abilities (casting spells and brewing potions), Maggie was also an empath meaning she was able to sense the emotions of others and read minds due to her role as a Sister of Emotion. This power had expanded to allow her to turn her emotions into fields of raw energy and hear the thoughts of trapped spirits. However, Maggie had her powers rendered dormant when her aura was stripped for her own protection. Through the use of black amber, Maggie gained the ability to foresee future events, and later, her powers expanded to allow her to project her emotions onto other people and to temporarily mimic the powers of those she empathically understands. Furthermore, she can also access The Power of Three, the collective power of the Charmed Ones, allowing them to vanquish the most powerful of demons. Aside from these powers, Maggie possessed a magical staff that helped her to better channel her emotions into offensive attacks, but with the loss of her empathic powers, the fate of this staff is unknown.

In "Let This Mother Out", Harry warns that ouija boards are easily manipulated by evil spirits, and the sisters plan to use a truth serum on Harry. While obtaining an ingredient, Macy learns about a "black blob" escaped from the university lab. Maggie finds her power makes it difficult to have a social life. Mel uses the board against Harry's instructions, and Macy is forced to destroy it to protect her, driving a wedge between them. The truth serum is accidentally given to Niko instead of Harry, and she admits to cheating on Mel with her ex-fiancee. Maggie persuades her sister to help free Marisol's spirit from the board. Marisol reveals that Harry killed her and plans to steal their powers. The sisters are told to trap him with the Prism of Souls, but a doubtful Mel stabs Marisol, exposing her as a demon, and Maggie destroys her by using her phone as a mirror. Harry begins training the sisters, and informs them the blob is a form of the Harbinger, the demon whose arrival foretells the apocalypse. The Harbinger chooses a coma patient, Angela Wu, as its host. 041b061a72


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