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Free Download of Conquest of Paradise - The Legendary Song by Vangelis

How to Download the Song "Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis Legally

If you are a fan of epic music, you might have heard of the song "Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis. It is a powerful and inspiring instrumental track that was used as the theme song for the movie "1492: Conquest of Paradise" directed by Ridley Scott. The song has been covered by many artists and has become a popular choice for sports events, ceremonies, and celebrations.

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But how can you download this song legally and enjoy it on your device? In this article, we will show you three different ways to get this song for free or for a small fee, without breaking any laws or violating any copyrights. We will also explain why it is important to download music legally and what are the benefits of doing so.


What is "Conquest of Paradise" and why is it popular?

"Conquest of Paradise" is a song composed and performed by Greek musician Vangelis. It was released in 1992 as part of the soundtrack album for the film "1492: Conquest of Paradise", which tells the story of Christopher Columbus' voyage to the Americas. The song features a choir singing in a pseudo-Latin language, creating a mystical and majestic atmosphere. The song's chord progression is based on an old European theme called La Follia, which means madness or folly.

The song became a hit in many countries, especially in Europe, where it topped the charts in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It also won several awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Original Score. The song's popularity was boosted by its use as a theme song for various events, such as the opening ceremony of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, and the entrance music for German boxer Henry Maske.

What are the benefits of downloading music legally?

Downloading music legally means that you obtain it from authorized sources that have permission from the artists or their representatives to distribute their music. This way, you respect their rights and support their work. You also avoid any legal troubles that might arise from downloading music illegally, such as fines, lawsuits, or malware infections.

Some of the benefits of downloading music legally are:

  • You get high-quality audio files that are compatible with most devices and players.

  • You can access additional features, such as lyrics, artwork, reviews, and recommendations.

  • You can discover new music from various genres, artists, and labels.

  • You can create your own playlists and collections.

  • You can share your music with your friends and family.

How to download "Conquest of Paradise" from different sources

How to download from Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a website that allows artists to upload their music and sell it directly to their fans. You can find a variety of music genres and styles on Bandcamp, including indie, electronic, rock, jazz, classical, and more. You can also search for tags like free and soundtrack to find music related to movies and games. You can also follow your favorite artists and get updates on their new releases.

To download "Conquest of Paradise" from Bandcamp, follow these steps:

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