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[S1E15] Before I Sleep UPD

"We don't have time to be worrying about how beautiful the trees look Rarity." Applejack said "If we don't take down all these branches before the storm hits then they'll be blown around, and they might damage something."

[S1E15] Before I Sleep


"No way no how." Applejack said "This was given to me by my pa, and I'll have you know it's something I hold very dear to me. I only take it off for special occassions, whenever I go to sleep, or when I'm practicing my rodeo jumps."

"I'm sorry." Rarity said "But nothing you say or do could possibly make me" before she could finish a pillow was flung into her face. She instantly started to glare "You did that on purpose Applejack." Rarity said angrily.

"Well that's really sweet and all, but unless I'm mistaken I only see one bed, which looks like it can only hold one pony. So if that's your bed then where are the rest of us suppose to sleep?" Rarity asked.

"Oh don't worry about that." Pinkie Pie said "I made sure to get everything set up ahead of time so I set out some sleeping bags." She pointed to a nearby closet where sure enough there were five sleeping bags. "Feel free to take whichever one you want." Pinkie Pie said as she climbed into her bed.

"Thanks a bunch Pinkie." Twilight said. She looked over each of the sleeping bags and finally decided on one that was blue with white stars printed on the sheets. "This one looks nice." she said and she grabbed it with her magic.

Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity rolled out the sleeping bags and climbed into them, the lights had already been turned off. They then looked at Pinkie Pie and saw that she was already fast asleep with a teddy bear held snuggly in her hooves.

Also, they're what, 20? Aren't they a bit old for sleepovers? And don't give me 'in Equestria Girls they're in high school' Cheerilee is a teacher and we know from Cutie Mark Chronicles that Rarity and Cheerilee are the same age. High schoolers don't really become teachers or own boutiques.

WELCOME BACK!Every pot has a lid, right? Well Herb's lid, Lucille, is on the loose!! That's right, it's the return of the fantastically funny Edie McClurg as Lucille Tarlek!! Want tunes? We've got Elvis, Old Blue Eyes, Eddie Money and J. Geils!! Want drama...pathos...DIP?? We've got that, TOO!! Lucille wants a divorce and she's booted Herb from their happy home. Herb winds up sleeping on the bullpen couch...then at Johnny's place...and if we're not careful Art's gonna wind up tearing his whole house down. Grab a Pina Colada and let's head over to Johnny's pad. Oh, hold comes some shag carpet, Lenny Bruce and a whole bunch of free drinks! If you've ever wanted to visit the King Kong Lounge, this is the time, fellow babies!! Spritz yourself with a little Brut, make sure some chest hair is showing, and hit "play"'s the best decision you'll make all night, gorgeous (wink-wink).WATCH ALONG DETAILS...[Want to watch along with us? It's a blast!! We highly recommend the 'Shout Factory' boxed DVD set of the entire WKRP series. For reasons you'll have to listen to in the "Prolog" episode, all streaming versions of the original "WKRP in Cincinnati" have had the original music cues removed. Generic music beds and stings were used in place of the original music for the syndicated version of the series. 'Shout Factory' has been able to restore an estimated 85% of all WKRP music cues to the original "as-aired" content for their DVD release. They've also restored scenes that had been cut to shorten episodes for syndication. The original eps ran 25 minutes. The syndication eps were shortened to 22 minutes. Over 88 episodes that's more than four hours of lost content, including the performance by "Detective" at the end of "Hoodlum Rock." Get the COMPLETE series...get the Shout Factory DVDs. The Shout Factory complete series box has a release date of 2014. All individual seasons of Shout Factory disks were released starting in 2015.]

Burgess is on duty with another cop after Atwater's promotion and isn't happy with it. She is with a sleeping cop and sends a picture of him to Ruzek. She makes him tend to a robbery alarm at a takeaway. Her partner puts it off as fake but she realises it's real after seeing the painted security camera's and open registers. They leave and she calls for backup much to her partner's surprise and runs back in to chase the robber. She catches him and her partner is very surprised. Burgess is later told she will be getting a new partner.

Brody is training for his Night Badge on the virtual reality simulator. He can't see in the dark and hits a rock as the simulation ends. Speedy advises Brody to use his other senses to make up for his lack of sight. Meanwhile, at the Lemon Shack, Commodore Smurkturkski is trying to get his chicks to sleep. He starts to sing a lullaby when loud music blares everywhere. The loud music is coming from Captain Dilly's ship where he's hosting a party for his birthday with the show's antagonists as the guests. The music is upsetting the Turkskis, so the commodore calls Team Top Wing. They then try to call Captain Dilly who wish him a happy birthday but also try to get him to turn the music down, but he can't hear them over his own music. Brody volunteers to try to get him to quiet down. He flies onto his ship and turns off his boombox before explaining that his music's waking everyone on Big Swirl Island. Captain Dilly reluctantly agrees to take his party away from shore so no one can hear him much the relief of Rhonda, the commodore, and the Turkskis. Out at sea, Dilly is enjoying birthday presents when Matilda notices that they're too far from Big Swirl to see it. As Dilly drops his telescope into the water, he calls Team Top Wing. Speedy notifies Brody, and that he sent Swift and Penny to help out. However, it's really dark, and he almost crashes into Snoozing Seal island. He then remembers to use his other senses and tells Captain Dilly to make his party as loud as before. As he turns up his music, Brody hears him and finds his ship. However, it's too dark for Brody to see back home; so he calls Swift and Penny, and they shine their headlights. Brody sees them, and Captain Dilly follows him back home.

Siri & Bek talk us through preparing for the race of your life at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii which takes place on October 13, 2018. They recommend when to arrive ahead of the race and some places to train on the island to get acclimated to the conditions, especially the fickle trade winds. They offer tips and tricks for the swim, bike, run as well as the importance of honing your bike skills to be ready for any eventuality. Bek explains the best way to prepare your nutrition, how to plan your meals and where to shop. And not forgetting the importance of sleep, to schedule meals and rest and recovery as you prepare for the big day. More notes below:

Cooper tells Liz that he is convinced of Rifkin's guilt and he will lose no sleep after watching his execution. Cooper also says that the prosecutor was Thomas Connolly, a candidate for Attorney General.

Red enters the building where the prisoners are being held, he tells Kipling that Rifkin and his Taliban friends had massacred the villagers because an American agent had been hiding in the village. The US Army had extracted the agent hours before the Taliban arrived, and fearing bad publicity for leaving the village to its fate, covered up the existence of the agent. Red convinces Kipling to surrender because her overriding concern was not revenge, but justice. Although Rifkin's confession was beaten out of him, it was a true confession. To support his story Red shows Kipling the official classified Pentagon report on the incident.

Luke had dated Marissa for a long period of time before Ryan came to Newport Beach, beginning their relationship in the fifth grade on a trip to the Museum of Tolerance. Luke seemed to love Marissa, even crying when they broke up. Despite this, he had cheated on her for a long period of time. 041b061a72


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