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12 Style Music Visualizers is a neat and dynamically animated After Effects template that you can use to promote your audio tracks on YouTube, Vimeo and other online platforms. The template contains 12 unique equalizers that can be easily edited due to colors, beat power, equalizers and other controls. Impress your audience with this clean looking and creatively animated AE template. No plugins required. A video tutorial is included.

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The few tracks that sustain, structure and develop their sound experiments, like \u201CECHOIC FUN\u201D and \u201CMAD MEDLEY,\u201D are really a treat. The first involves various distortions and delays pushing the chuckle into its neighboring sounds, coughing, vomiting, sneezing, saying pew like a laser gun and so on, which is both a neat trick and gets at the hidden grammar underlying our perception, like good Op Art. The second, \u201CMad MEDLEY,\u201D does live up to its name, beginning with a metallic laugh complimenting the buzzing of a tanpura, and ending with hooting whipping in and out of our hearing like it was played out of a Leslie Cabinet. But these are exceptions, and most tracks here fall into cartoonishness, sounding like a chopped and screwed remix of a Halloween muzak record. There are laughs that sound like this (\u201CPAHAHATI\u00D1OUTRO\u201D), and like this (\u201CSPEEDY LAUGHING\u201D), and in \u201CRISA RAMPANTE,\u201D something that sounds like sex grunts processed through the TurboGrafx-16 sound chip. Pati\u00F1o here is trying to defamiliarize the laugh, but that project feels already accomplished by generations of YouTube poop, Timbaland production and whatever \u201960s Bollywood was on. While the concept is pretty stale, at least there are fabulous musical bits and pieces that rise out of the soupy mess of the weaker tracks, and if given space to shine, would\u2019ve made a different, much better album. We feel best what Actually Laughing Out Loud wants to be in the middle of \u201CSPEEDY LAUGHING,\u201D where Pati\u00F1o weaves a dense tapestry of Galaga sound effects that could\u2019ve been a lovely passage from Hosono\u2019s Video Game Music. Instead we get a half-hour of the snickering trees from Paper Mario covering Pharmakon, which is funny but we\u2019re only figuratively laughing out loud.[4]


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