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Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson

Teenage Sex 13 †February 1980

NOTES FROM THE REAL AUTHOR OF 'HARRY POTTER':I saw MARTIN AYRES/EYRES as a 'good guy' because he appeared to sincerely want to help me but as I am not so sure. What if he were trying to protect his 'assets' too?I first met him upon this side of the mirror, at my parents first house upon KILN LANE - he had joined my father's bookclub: THE PROUST GROUP.I remember my mother telling me that he had been married, had 4 children and had lived in some mansion with horses/ponies until the big 'falling out' and now, none of his children would speak to him and he was very upset about it. He had moved out and had since had an affair with a Russian teacher, whom he had met at one of these 'educational conferences' in Russia.He used to live down at the end of KILN LANE at the MALTINGS - opposite to my parents' house...and in his window box were a line of ornamental 'pinetree' shrubs - the MI6 variety. That is what made me think that he had been programmed by them but for some reason - AYRES/EYRES had upset TOMLINSON and TONY GREEN considerably at ACORN VILLAGES Ltd because neither of them appeared to recognise him - you would have thought that TOMLINSON might because he was obviously working for BRITISH INTELLIGENCE.I always wondered where MARTIN had made his money - he was a governmental schools inspector and the pay is high but not that high - not enough to keep a family of four children in a massive country house, with horses etc but he seemed a really good guy compared to others and I trusted him but not in terms of staking anything on it and not enough to keep his identity secret now...He is hopefully, the last person that I will remember, in the long list of people that I met - whilst being reprogrammed by RIMINGTON in and around HARWICH, a few years ago.Additionally, I also remember meeting him upon the other side of the mirror - at my parents' flat whilst they had one, at the WHITE HOUSE upon WATERLOO BRIDGE (they sold it to move to MANNINGTREE). I have no idea why he was with me...but I remember being in bed with him...he kept telling me that 'it would be all right' i.e. that he would protect me in some way...but that was what TOMLINSON used to say most of the time and most of the time, he was lying.If he was as I now suspect - high up in MI6 - then what the hell was MARTIN up to?Why didn't TOMLINSON appear to know about him...maybe he did but wasn't letting on to TONY GREEN...In point of fact, I know when TOMLINSON is lying and he was certainly acting in that way...whilst telling GREEN that he had no idea who the guy was...Other notes:DALDRY was rather like the EYRE/EYORE DON-KEYS of the ILL fact, he had become one...i.e. a 'top theatre director' and presumably 'MASTER mind control programmer' trusted by ROYALTY.I knew that in 1995 and that is why I took the piss out of him as an EYORE character from WINNIE THE POOH.As far as I can remember - the next up are the PALM TREE programmers - that is as high as you can get (from the line-up in the 'nativity scene' OSBORNE children's book.)Other notes:I caught a glimpse of some guy who looked rather like DALDRY in a blue sleeveless Tee-shirt, doing up the house/flat which was recently vacated by programmers...the one which is beside the CAPTAIN'S house - opposite to LILAC COTTAGE up CHURCH road.He was smoking like Daldry i.e. didn't bother to take the fag out of his mouth whilst working...a complete addict...and narrowed his eyes as soon as he saw me but I was cycling past and couldn't be sure who I saw...maybe sensed a 'Daldry alter' in a builder there...I muttered under my breath 'so you want to be in your own film, now?'That is the thing with the ILL. It is the old HITCHCOCK prerogative - to make a 'guest' appearance in your film and everyone has to watch out and spot you...I guess they have 'snuff movies' down what they would call an 'art form' nowadays...It wouldn't surprise me in the least, having looked at ANDREW MARR'S 'bad poetry site' for programmers with MASSIVE literary pretensions i.e. Andrew Tait's apology for poetry and his 'friends'. Mind you, it is quite entertaining in its way - MARR was always an 'entertainer'...SIDESHOW BOB.Upon that note...having cycled past BEACH HUT 16 and reached the end of the line of beach huts upon DOVERCOURT BAY...what did I see as the last hut but:THE KRUSTY CRABYes, it was a ROYAL blue hut with bright ORANGE writing over the door stating THE KRUSTY CRAB.Now, I know where the creators of THE SIMPSONS got their 'inspiration' from.Other notes:Having cycled past ESPLANADE HOUSE again, I queried the CIA about what was going on in there...why were the LAMPS LIT outside...i.e. the electric lights were still on that morning...'because they are still programming in there'...So my horror yesterday, was entirely correct. Those young people were mind control victims...about 6/7 of them, leaving the building in drips and drabs...I didn't stay to see how many.I queried this one again with the CIA...yes, it is as sick as it looks...THE ROYAL FAMILY have been warned NOT to do this but they have ignored all warnings...they will therefore have to be removed.The ILL are so stupid and so brain-damaged that they do not get the simple truth about protecting one's country: people who have not been brain-damaged by ILL programming and who have not been microchipped are impossible to 'control' or even to 'access' in terms of 'deep thought' - they are therefore invulnerable to attack. If you want a healthy society of human beings - you do NOT ILL-program.IF you ILL-program, you create a 'slave-base' of people who can be overtaken and overrun by just about anybody, who can break your codes.I suppose the UK ILL might have got that one but it obviously goes against 'tradition' i.e. they are 'slave-drivers' and they need their slaves - to keep them in their old age, sort of thing...I haven't viewed their minds upon this one but it all stinks and I have no wish to 'understand' their insane reasonings upon that one...Other notes:I have been watching SELECTED POTATOES being downloaded off lorries and into the PIE SEAS fish and chip shop for some time now...many weeks...a change from the 'usual'.I then 'saw' it, this morning:SEL ECT -ED POTATOESCELL/SEL ECTed SPUDNIKS That is what the ROYAL FAMILY are now - a bunch of potato-heads under ROCKEFELLER control.I then wondered about the CIA and MARK - had he given them the codes for the SPUDNIKS?No he hadn't...that is what was now making problems for 'everyone'...the SPUDNIKS were still under ROCKEFELLER control.I do not even pretend to know what is going on: all I can think of is - MI6 get the CPS to declare laws where you can take all money and possessions off the ROYALS and use the money to get rid of mind control in the UK...I can see how difficult it is for governmental agencies (of any country) to fight 'big business' due to lack of funds...and the ROCKEFELLERS are one of the most powerful families, monetarily...As far as I can see, the US government has taken 'on' big business in terms of fighting MICROSOFT through the courts AND almost bizarre...that a government might be in danger of losing against a 'giant' that was increasingly become a 'monopoly' and 'tyrant' in terms of computing...Yet, to my knowledge - nobody in the UK thought MICROSOFT enough of a threat, to take them to court...IBM for one...the ENGLISH rival which went 'down' quite early respect to being any serious competition...IBM - the MI6 official 'brand' of laptop...At the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 - the assembled ILL had all been given a 'party game' in terms of the 13th ONE 'horror-game' to be played around RICHARD that they were all to contribute photographs which would be put up in PUBLIC PHOTOGRAPHS on MICROSOFT WINDOWS...every photograph was a 'clue' to the 13th ONE, of the true identity of their 'puppet-masters' i.e these sick ILL people, who would then conspire to goad the 13th ONE into madness and ultimately watch their murder, in a 'snuff movie'...So one can say that the ROYAL ILL thought that MICROSOFT was another TEMPLAR company, that they owned...just like the BBC.Other notes:Saturday morning...last night...I was thinking about ALANIS MORISSETTE again...and her birthday...11 years after mine...and how TOMLINSON had been 11/12 years older than me...and then a series of images hit me...and I knew what had happened...IAN RICKSON had held this young woman as a baby, as TOMLINSON had me...he was her main 'daddy' programmer and was 'in love' with this 'baby' whom he thought as his own and tortured himself with thoughts of as a young woman who had 'deserted' her it wasn't a bizarre 'one-off' thing between myself and Tomlinson...this was another sick game, played upon the other side of the mirror...I then remembered more about this reprogramming of myself as RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON'S baby at the TEMPLAR was as strange as it was bizarre...I was to 'grow up' in terms of days, weeks instead of years...and RIMINGTON then sent me out on my first 'date'...with Ian Rickson's brother...who was also at the Templar Castle - a walk in the castle grounds (naturally you weren't allowed to leave)...afterwards she got hold of me and checked my knickers to make sure that I hadn't had would have been humiliating in normal circumstances but not on this occasion...they could do far worse to you...she then decided that I should be punished anyway...and TOMLINSON quickly said that he would take me down to a torture dungeon...but he had no interest in punishing me...he just held me and cried...he was in an extremely emotionally confused young alter...Other notes:I bought a DAILY MAIL yesterday and was surprised that STELLA RIMINGTON would even dare to put her name to any article in the press but she had done - not that she would have written the piece, somebody else would have penned it but the fact that she dared to put her name to it - was quite incredible, within itself. It was a review of a new book by spymaster novelist JOHN LE CARRE but one can see that she only did it, to add an advertisement for her new novel at the end of the article. The review is actively funny because she appears to be taking the high moral ground and talking about 'standards' within British society and politics - apparently LE CARRE is saying that there are none, in terms of British Intelligence operations anymore...and even though it is quite apparent that LE CARRE will have been writing about people like RIMINGTON...she chooses to go into 'full denial' and writes this hypocritical review about how there are still 'standards' in the UK...this review is actually funny to read. She must have taken the stance and perspective of this new spy novel as a critique of herself and rather 'personally'.Mind you, RIMINGTON was not the only HYPOCRITE to show her face in the DAILY MAIL yesterday, there is also a rather grotesque and twisted photograph of the Queen who is demanding another 7.9 million a year from the taxpayer...because the ROYALS need to do up their palaces etc. That sort of chutzpah, puts even RIMINGTON into the shade.Other notes:...I began to read snatches of CATHY O' Brien's book again before I slept, not having read it word for word at the beginning...too much concentrated information and I only wanted the gist...but looking through it now, the WORDPLAY and PUNS upon words were exactly how the UK programmers had acted in 1980 and were to continue to act whilst reprogramming me...I gawped at PIERRE TRUDEAU of Canada...and his his password with CATHY...then was reminded of the MARQUIS D'EAU...which I already knew to be ANDREW MARR...his pseudonym at the TEMPLAR CASTLE...and then thought back to his poem: EVERYONE'S A FRUIT AND NUT CAKE.It was then that I saw this line:"The pecan was Ivan the Terrible's aunt, the raisin was the Lamb of God. The formidable former yelled YOU'RE APPALLING and the little latter moaned M-M-M-M-M-MEM-EH-EH-EH-EH-EH-EH-EH-EH-EH-AAAAAIR!"So here we have a deliberate stab at MARTIN AYRE/EYRE'S surname - AIR.The 'nut' was the rebellious person and the 'fruit' was their programming.Who was YOU'RE APPALLING?EUROPE PALLING/ALLING/ALLINPAUL LYNN (I remember now - something about how this man was called Lyndsey de Paul as a 'joke' on his name).RAY PAULLINLooking through this poem - I came across many other such possible wordplays:KERNEL = COLONELTYRANNOSAURUS = TIE RA NO SOAR USWEASEL = WE SELLPNEUMATIC = PNEUMA (BREATH) TIC (NIKE)ALLUSION = ALL U SION - ALL US IONILLUSION = ILL U SION - ILL US IONCONFUCIOUS = CON-FUSCHIA - CON-FUSIONVOLCANO = VOL (FLIGHT) CAN OPORCUPINE = PAW QUE PINELITTLE ME = LYS/LEE TELL MEDINOSAUR = DIE NO SOAR (AGAINST REMOTE-VIEWING)MAP OF THE LAKE DISTRICT = LUCIA MAPP (RIMINGTON), LANCELOT DU LAC (TOMLINSON) - REFERRING TO THE LAKE OF THUN AND THE GYSSBACH MOUNTAIN UNDERGROUND BASE.DISTRICT = DIS TRICKEDORGAN = ORGON/ORGONITE (AS WELL AS 'PENIS')With 'organ' I suddenly realised that the above was linked to ORGONITE because I looked at that ROYAL BLUE of the KRUSTY CRAB beach hut yesterday and then the ROYAL BLUE of one of the PENGUIN GREAT LOVES books by my bed...called MAGNETISM and then it all clicked.This was all about the 'electrified' sperm and I remembered what the ILL had done to the young men in front of us on programming...made them rape each other and upon the point of ejaculation - were electrocuted up their anuses by a programmer. The programmers called this 'enlightenment' and 'electrified sperm'.I then began to think more about these odd punning terms and found my own.I had previously looked through this computer's files and found many system ones that were termed FED and then it hit me:FEDERAL AGENTFirstly, my Swiss grandmother used to sing to us as children 'fait dors dors'...meaning 'go to sleep...' and I remember singing it to DABYDEEN and he retorted that my French accent was bad...that you said 'door' and not more like 'dough' with almost no 'r'...but that was precisely how my Swiss-French grandmother had sung it and he wasn't French or Swiss therefore I stood by the pronunciation.FAIT DORS RAYLEIGH GENTMy first proper bike was a RAYLEIGH - I have seen so many of them around HARWICH - one of the most popular makes of bike around here.The knowledge of this opened a door to a control room in my mind...where I met JOHN WATERS again who began to show me everything...all of my early programming...anything and everything I had missed (for example WOOD/DRYAD programming)...I was then shown a bank account as my 'payment for services rendered' and the liberty to leave whenever I felt like it...the advice was to go and stay at the CARLTON HOTEL in London, for a while and then to go to Switzerland.I then wondered about the CLAUDE BUTLER bike that had been bought me by UNCLE BOBBY, more recently...I remembered how I had laughed at DALDRY in PRAGUE - in relation to the game CLUEDO: THE BUTLER DID IT! Daldry seemed to think that it had been MRS WHITE THE COOK for no apparent reason.I then laughed even more and said SCARLETT IN THE STUDY WITH THE LEAD PIPING.Now, what could I have meant by that?Did DALDRY mean the WC when in fact it was the CS/SC with an LP?Other notes:I was looking at a French phrasebook and then another anagram hit me:PHRASE - PHARISEE - PH RA SEE - FARRAH SEEMy code name as a 'seer' was that of one of the old 'Charlie's angels' as in 'Farrah' which is apparently an Arabic name. It was a generic one, given to all of the women.Other notes:I remember MARK telling me his theory upon how the ILL CULT would end...he was of the opinion that it would be by ENTROPY more than anything else.I can see why. The ILL CULT is so AGAINST NATURE - as a 'culture' it has so much of a DEATH WISH that one can see that all things living upon this planet will eventually 'gang up' upon it and destroy it, in order to survive.Naturally, one would like to see this process happen within one's own lifetime. However, I am quite sure that I have done as much as I can do now in what I have written upon the INTERNET. There is only so much that one can do.I was surprised by the apparent attack by my father and his son-in-law MIKE WEALE if only because when you have heard about how your sister has to tend her young son LEO night and day because he is so terrified...has a deathly pallor to his such a 'lovely child' but so emotionally needy because he has been so abused - and now has to go to a special school where they are apparently telling all mothers that children are not allowed to bring dummies into the school (we were allowed our 'snufflies' at school in the first year - and this is a 'special school' that should understand that sort of thing - the mind boggles) wonder where MIKE WEALE, his father, is coming from.I suppose all one can say is that you have NO idea how 'dark' their alters are, upon the other side of the mirror. Rather like looking at MARTIN AYRES/EYRES - he seemed like a nice enough chap upon this side of the mirror, although my brother Ed said he was a 'bit odd' and put a 'query' over him in general...rather like my father is a 'nice sort of chap' but in 'looking glass world' they have these insanely cruel and evil personalities.Other notes:Unless you have access to the files and know how much these people have been haven't got a hope...I had no idea how programmed MALCOLM in PRAGUE was until his 'NAZI alter' came out...before that, I had chatted with him every day, in his office, as the most considerate and socially aware person upon the staff at the British Council...yet I had no idea of this 'schizoid personality' of idea of what lay behind his front alter...not a clue.Walking down the High Street in HARWICH with access to those files, I now know who is 'very ILL', 'ILL' 'hardly ILL at all', 'not ILL at all' and most people ARE ILL to a degree. That is how far it has gone in the UK.I suppose one of the major reasons why the ILL CULT all has to come down now is because it isn't just BRITISH INTELLIGENCE who are programming people...since 1995, the ROCKEFELLERS had learnt pretty much all there was to know about mind control programming and were now programming outside of 'intelligence agencies' - within the Public Sector. For example, RIMINGTON was running mind control courses at MARKS & SPENCERS (as 'graduate' courses) which were nothing to do with British Intelligence and everything to do with the ILLuminati slave market of 'office managerial types'.Additionally, there were the MASONIC groups who were all also mind-control programming...for example, THE SHRINERS...DALDRY had only just become aware of them in the USA in 2001...and had immediately set up meetings with them, in the hope of getting them to join the TEMPLARS and their NWO crusade. I have no idea whether he was successful in this, or not.Other notes:I had another ansaphone message from COMPASS yesterday - from ROGER - one assum


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