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Serie Scandal Saison 1 Vf Torrent PORTABLE

as a fan of scandal since the beginning, i'm happy to see that the show has been able to last this long. it was originally supposed to end after the fourth season, but it was extended to its current fifth season. i'm glad the show is still going strong and i hope it gets better. i'm eager to see how it will end. let me know what you think in the comments section below.

serie scandal saison 1 vf torrent

i was wondering what would happen to scandal when it ended its season four. after the shocking end of the season three, i thought that it would end on a high note, but instead of leaving things open, it ended the season in a very unsatisfying way. it was a season that lacked the drama that was on the show during the first three seasons, which is why i think it was a very boring season to watch.

in the first season of scandal, there was a lot of tension between the main characters. there was a lot of drama and things got very interesting at times. while olivia and cyrus were in a good relationship during the first season, things eventually went downhill for them when the second season started. it was a very disappointing season for the fans who have been waiting for a while for this show to air.

the fourth season of scandal is a season full of twists and turns. there were some very intriguing storylines that kept the viewers wondering what will happen next. i think that this season was the best one to date. the characters were all very interesting. it felt like this season had more twists and turns than the previous seasons. while the first season of scandal had a lot of drama, the second season was very flat. the third season was much better than the second one.


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