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Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson

Best Free Ebooks Download Pdf The Sawbones Book:

So don't wait, take a visit to Dr. Widger'sLibrary. Browse the virtual shelves, sample the literary gemsand download from Project Gutenberg some of the treasure which Dr.David Widger has unearthed for us. And, as an extra treat, Davidhas prepared several volumes of his favourite quotations, from thebooks he has transcribed. Ah, reading! one of the most "delectablemodes of getting over the ground through life", as Lorrequerdeclaims.

Best Free Ebooks Download Pdf The Sawbones Book:

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Lady Chatterley's Lover by D H Lawrence, is one of themost-downloaded eBook at Project Gutenberg Australia. Other topfavourites are Nineteen eighty-four and Animal Farm,by George Orwell. The two Orwell novels were the first to be postedat the Australian site and have obviously proved to be popularchoices for readers of eBooks. Other favourites are Anne ofWindy Poplars by L M Montgomery, Seven Pillars of Wisdomby T E Lawrence and A Short History of Australia by SirErnest Scott, testament to the fact that the reading tastes ofonline book lovers is very diverse. These ebooks are available fromthe Works providedby Project Gutenberg Australia page.

One of the best things about putting ebooks online at ProjectGutenberg Australia is the process of identifying and finding thesource material in the first place. There is a lot of work involvedin producing an ebook, so I like to choose books which, to me, seemreally worthwhile having online. Of course, the first considerationmust be that the book is out of copyright in Australia.


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