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Sparkle I M Gone MP3 Download

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Changing Strings Like I've Been Changing the Subject, Southern Hospitality, Welcome to the No Fun House, Ladybugs And Firecrackers, and All Around Champion Screw-Up. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $30.59 USD or more (15% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. College Bound 03:00 lyrics buy track If you weren't going away that would've been more than a kiss. If you weren't going away that would've been more than a touch of my hip. If you weren't going away, I'd follow into your house. And do everything we've been thinking about. But you're...CHORUS in West Virginia, college bound. West Virginia, gone back to college. I lose my breath every time I'm alone with you. I'm always losing my mind for fear I can't follow through. I'd write a letter each day If you felt the same, but you're so far away we can't be face to face...Cuz your...(CHORUS) BRIDGE Yeah you and I had a real cool time, yeah you and I we had a real cool time. Those were some of the best days of my life. Yeah, you and I we had a real cool time but you're...CHORUS. 2. Damage My Hair 04:28 lyrics buy track Did my head-over-heels impatience, screw up the chance of future relations? I didn't wanna freak you out, that's not what I'm about. Did my not-so-subtle subtleties screw up the chance of what probably could not be? I didn't wanna scare you away, but I couldn't wait. I didn't know what to do with my feelings for you. A love I hadn't felt for years was messing with my head. But Jolynn just wants to be my friend, and I.......Did my head over heals......but I thought it fate. But Jolynn wants to be your friend, and you don't want these feelings. You were what I'd been waiting for. Could you ever want a friend the way I want you? If I keep this undercover, I don't think that I'll make it to the end. Those quirky little things that you do. Well damnit, I like them too. I just wanna be with you babe, but the more I talk you up, the more I'm a fool. And I don't have anything to prove until I know I can get to you. And I don't wanna do a thing babe until I know that you want it too, so COME ON! You gotta dig me, dig me real hard, so let me know, so let it show. 3. Southern Hospitality 03:26 lyrics buy track Hey lover, lets make it. It's been a year since I first heard you say "Come on now, I can't take this. You're cameras cool, yeah my name is..." With shy eyes, we couldn't fake it. We came together without ever uh uh no. So come on lover, lets make it. I'd be a fool just to let you go. CHORUS I wear your clothes, nobody knows. They make me loose, just like you do. Take it back to the beginning. A night So Low nothing good could come of this. But that can change when you meet someone with such a soul, even I could not resist. Smokin' hookah in the basement. A little buzzed, and a soul as fine as glass. I see right through those southern eyes babe. It's good to know that I met my match. CHORUS. BRIDGE: I've gotta know if I can take this. I've gotta know if we can make it. 4. Wasted Tired 03:13 lyrics buy track I'm tired of wasting all my time. I'm tired of sitting around and complaining about my mind. I'm tired of wasting all your time, but I fear the change and I don't believe I'm worth the while. CHORUS So if you're in it, let's keep on living cuz I'm the only one. So if you're in it, let's keep on living cuz I can only do so much...I don't want to lose you babe, but I'm feeling useless and I've been pushing you away. I don't want to lose me either. It's just another test. I've been changing strings like I've been changing the subject. CHORUS. BRIDGE I can only do so much, and I'm afraid I'm losing touch. (You're a tattoo'd little prude and I'm a rockin catholic nude, we keep it quiet in the streets while screaming louder in the sheets) I'm tired of wasting all your time. I'm tired of wasting all my time. 5. Winter of Like 03:13 lyrics buy track You bring out the good in me. With a smile, you make me want the strength to be. I bring out the good in you. I like you much better without the booze. CHORUS and I wanna take you up against the wall so I can feel your rise and fall. A few passionate and drunken nights with you just don't fulfill me anymore, cuz I want it all. Sitting at Bar Louie drinkin, and thinkin about you dancin', kissin', and touching me. It's a site you've gotta see to believe, your gorgeously trashed face cruising me. And you've seen me half undressed, but I'm not about to let you see the rest. With the winter moon sparkling on this mess, I wanna make your river crest. CHORUS. You're just so good for me, that's why I don't get why we're not together. With even the worst of another. Still I wanna be your lover. 6. Hell Together 04:03 lyrics buy track I though I'd heard everything about being abused. The most beautiful child in a picture, I'm looking at you. I though I new everything about being in love, but I didn't know you baby. You make me feel so much. So come on Bill. This poison instilled inside of me. I let the blood spill. The poison that fills my body. It's true, I love your life. The hardest one I know, but you've made it a life I want to call my own. How we made our way. I'm sleeping next to you thanking whatever hell we've faced for this to come into. Damn you Nana and Grandad. You tried to take the life I never had. I'll shed you with every tear. Let the salt keep falling and make this poison disappear. CHORUS Lets go through hell together. The fire can melt our hearts however it wants. Lets go through hell together.....If they're the fuel, I'll be the cool to the fire. For you I'll douse this fire. 7. The Sting 04:02 lyrics buy track She calls my name from 450 miles away. I feel the sting of her voice, I'll never be the same again. I call her name from 450 miles away. I feel the sting of your touch, we're never gonna be the same again. I've got a good southern woman who looks real nice in my kitchen. She makes it hot when I want it, and knows when that honey's dripping. It runs down my throat so easy, I need to clear it all from the screaming. We feel the scratching of our breathing, it's never gonna be the same again. Come on, all right. She said she'll meet at the show tonight. Come on, all right. She wants to take me to her place tonight...I think we're gonna get a taste tonight. 8. Business Ruins Friendships 03:06 lyrics buy track So you abandoned your plan to keep me on as a good friend. I had good reasons to get out, but now you've turned me into just a face in the crowd. It started in high school. You made me look like a damn fool. In the hallways, you would bully me. But than you took me to get in the scene. CHORUS I'm just waiting for your move to judge this nothing town in your Skynard boots. It's people like you that prove we don't always return to our roots. So it's New York now. Good times, I'm looking back on how The Forecast called for bullshit storms and I was happy just to be singing along. Now it's Los Angeles. Remember when we were just kids? You treated me like a sister in song, but now you're counting money and I'm doing it wrong. CHORUS. Yeah, I've got a bad attitude. I've got it bad. 9. Harvester 04:36 lyrics buy track You plant the seed, so I can pick the fruit. I beg and plead till I can hardly move. On hands and knees, begging for my truth. On hands and knees, I'm taking in you. CHORUS There is no soundtrack to this heat. We need no music to feel this beat. You loosen me up with every touch. I know it's not much, but I can't get enough. I watch TV while you're studying. It's damn sexy, let's get it happening. CHORUS. I bite the bullet. You're not here tonight. I call your name, yeah, it aint right. I bite the bullet. You're not here tonight. I squeeze it tight, I squeeze it tight. CHORUS. You need to leave so I can get you back. 10. My Oasis 04:09 lyrics buy track I don't think I'll get over losing you. My best friend, my annoyance, my cousin too. You couldn't live forever. If we'd only knew that your battle was ending, but you saw it through. I've been going through this house, but I don't know what to do. All these childhood photos got me missing you. I keep stopping what I'm doing, dropping to the floor. No I wasn't always there, but you loved me more. BRIDGE Didn't want you to be another cancer tragedy. Never though you would be another memory. You thought the world was against you, and at times it was. But you kept on going with a fighting cause. We weren't always there for you, but you were there for us. We were falling all around you, still you kept us up. So listen to the cliches, it could be the last. Don't wait too long for that moment to pass. Tell the ones that you love them and say it loud. Cuz all I have are empty rooms to talk to, you bet I'm talking...Didn't want...As unforgiving as you seemed, you really forgave easily when it came to us, when it came to your friends and your family. If I could do it all again...there's no use in thinking that I would really change from my selfish ways...My lover, now wife, saw you take your last breath. The last thing I regret, cuz she'll never forget. I wasn't always always there for you, but I had tried in the end. Oh Kevin, I miss my friend. 11. Lavender of Sounds 02:13 lyrics buy track *cat sounds* about Tina Sparkle's new release, 'Southern Hospitality,' feels like wandering into a familiar venue to experience a live, raw and gritty rock show. Marsha Satterfield's songwriting and guitar leads once again take center stage on this follow-up to 'Welcome to the No Fun House'; with lyrics that have become even better at seducing us in one breath, while bringing us to tears in the next. 'Southern Hospitality' welcomes us back into Tina Sparkle's sometimes brutally honest stories of love, lust, and heartache with open arms. This time around, there is a warmth and optimism underneath, which leaves us hopeful for the next chapter. The album title and cover art are derived from the Nashville, TN origin of Marsha Satterfield's wife and greatest muse. $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released November 6, 2020 Recorded by Mark Wyman at Tonegood in Champaign, IL.Mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, IL.Vocals, Guitar: Marsha SatterfieldBass, Vocals: Chris AndersonDrums, Vocals: aTomic Satterfield $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags joan jett rock classic rock garage rock heart indie rock sleater-kinney southern hospitality stooges Peoria Shopping cart total USD Check out about Tina Sparkle Peoria, Illinois

Sparkle I M Gone MP3 Download

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