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Colin McRae: DiRT 2

The main HQ in Colin McRae: DiRT 2 is a motor home where you have access to all of the games features. The game includes many events, the ability to purchase new cars with the competition money you earn and compete on dirt circuits etc. There's also a an online multiplayer mode.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2

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With recent racers GRID and DiRT, Codemasters have managed to show us two things. One; they have a penchant for irregular upper case letting. And two; they've shown us they really know how to craft a decent racing title. Grid, arguably, has become one of the most popular circuit racers, whilst Colin McRae DiRT took us back into rallying. Does their second iteration in this series sparkle, or is it just dirty?

The first thing you'll note when you boot up this game is its style. From the slick menus navigating around a tour bus to the gorgeous graphics, this game just shines. Every effort has gone into this game to make it the best looking and stylish racer out - and it does well to stand out. The soundtrack of the game is never overbearing; meaning that the songs that are played at the festivals your tour bus is parked at do enough to interest you, even though they're more background noise. As you load a race, the music begins to blare out as you're offered a variety of stats based upon your current racing, and the upcoming track. Then the music is silent. It becomes just you, the car and the dirt.

As for the tracks themselves, you're given nine different countries to race around. From the dusty Baja, California, the stony tracks of Croatia or the mud-filled Malaysia - some with a few tracks in each area. You're treated to a wide spectrum of places and locales and, most importantly in this game, different surface types. Unlike ever before, the difference is most notable. It's really possible to feel the tracks, to have to differ your racing as you switch from surface to surface. City based tracks like Battersea, London or Shibuya, Japan will see you making use of the patches of tarmac that have appeared from beneath the dirt to gain control of your car after a little over-steer. Similarly, switching from region to region has you handling your car differently, from drifting around the dusty Baja to pacing along the fairly clay-based Utah track. It's this sense of knowing your vehicles grip on different surface types that really makes this game stand out.

for this game you need to have the retail version of the game (not the demo) and you need to have the patch that was issued in the pc version of the game. it is highly recommended to install the game with the patch. the patch is available on the official colin mcrae dirt 2 website. this trainer features customizable hotkeys. bandwidth lag other colin mcrae: dirt 2 (2009) pc hack tool enables the use of all xlink related mods, xlink kai works great with this trainer. bandwidth lag other colin mcrae: dirt 2 (2009) pc hack tool if you have the retail game, use the patch that is included with the game. bandwidth lag other colin mcrae: dirt 2 (2009) pc hack tool for mac os x, you need to have leopard installed. to install leopard, you need to make sure you have the following installed: macports python 2.5.2+ apache 2.2.12+ once the above is installed, you can download the installer from the colin mcrae: dirt 2 pc release page. once the download is complete, use the installer to install colin mcrae: dirt 2. if you have problems getting it installed, please let us know.our flagship product is the simexpert h9, the most advanced simulator on the market. the simexpert h9 supports first and third-person racing, and includes adjustable pedals, a harness for racing seat restraints, adjustable steering wheel, and a race wheel. the simexpert h9 is used in a variety of driver development programs and driver training facilities. it is the ideal simulator for both video game and simulator racing enthusiasts. 6a6f617c0c

On the visual side of things, Dirt 2 is one of the prettiest next-gen racing titles yet. Colors are plentiful, while dirt, water, and debris stick to your vehicle with great detail. Other little details such as dashboard toys, magazines featuring online stats and accomplishments, and the cluttered mess of your trailer park add to the robust Career Mode. Music is the usual affair for racing games, featuring several artists typically associated Xtreme sports, while celebrity racers continuously annoy you with repetitive one-liners during competitions (though in all fairness, such lines are only uttered once or twice per track). In all honesty, the racers do a good job with their deliveries, even if they do sound awfully friendly even when losing the match.

In addition to the World Tour, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 comes complete with full online functionality that will be core to the overall experience, with head-to-head competitive online play and new social features to engage the racing community. Prepare for mud, gravel, dust and dirt too in Colin McRae: DiRT 2! 041b061a72


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