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Christopher Robinson

Vlc 0.8.6 For Mac

Too bad those of us without a laptop [and trackpad] can't scrub though videos like in Quicktime or any other video player to mention it_ You'd think that would be a basic "standard feature" for VLC_None the less glad to know there's a new version out_ Pulled down 0.8.6i for stability fixes a couple of weeks ago_

Vlc 0.8.6 For Mac


Since reliability was mentioned, G4 users may want to drop back to 0.8.6i until 0.9.3 comes out. They forgot to enable Altivec optimizations on the latest build of 0.9.2. It took me awhile to figure out that this was why VLC was suddenly stuttering on my old iBook, so I thought I'd offer a heads-up here.

When VLC 0.9.x actually works properly, that will be a nice feature. I found a large number of my videos would no longer seek properly, and many had playback issues, after "upgrading" to 0.9.2. Reverting to 0.8.6i solved all of the problems introduced by the new version. Whatever they did, 0.9.2 is one step forward, five steps back.


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