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[BEST Full] A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994)

The story revolves around the trial of a beautiful young widow known as Little Cabbage, who is accused of murdering Got Siu-Tai, her well-hung husband, via an overdose of aphrodisiac (which caused his penis to explodeand not in a good way!). Also implicated in the crime is Little Cabbage's former housemaster when she was a housemaid, Scholar Yang Ni-mu: he is in love with Little Cabbage and had hoped to make her his concubine until his jealous wife sold her to Got in order to get rid of her.Little Cabbage and Scholar Yang continually protest their innocence, even after they are viciously tortured in a variety of nasty ways, but their judge will not accept their cries of innocence. Perhaps this is because he already knows who was really responsible for Got's death: his own son, who has been secretly having an affair with Scholar Yang's wife!During the course of the trial, we get to see, via a series of flashbacks, the events leading up to the exploding donkey-schlong incident. Including tales of adultery, lesbianism, mid-air kung fu sex, and invisible rapists, it's the kind of salacious case that would evoke gasps of disbelief and shock from the juryif there was a jury.Finally, broken, battered, and missing a few finger nails, Little Cabbage and Yang are tricked into pleading guilty by the corrupt judge, and are sentenced to death. Fortunately, however, their crack legal team (which consists of Yang's tasty sister, a pair of sex-mad martial artists, and a flat chested nanny who yearns for bigger breasts) do not give up hope, and discover, in the final hour, a vital piece of evidence. Yang's sister convinces a supreme judge to arrange a re-trial (proving her sincerity by rolling on a bed of pins), and wins the couple their freedom.Meanwhile, the real guilty parties are punished for their crimes: the judge is exiled, his son is sentenced to drowning, and Yang's wife gets to ride a wooden horse with a particularly uncomfortable looking saddle.With tons of hot Asian women in various states of undress, steamy soft-core sex aplenty, ejaculation jokes, and that unbelievable shot of poor old Got's pecker erupting blood over his bare-breasted wife, A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is an extremely entertaining example of Asian sexploitation.

[FULL] A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994)


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