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 Korea Marketplace / Cafe Proxy 

There's ALOT of K-Proxy, Why K-ulture?
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All in One - K-ulture provides all the service you need, foreign exchange,Korean adress, to shipping. Pay once, and we will do the rest!

Good Exchange Rate - We have our own exchange partner, saving your money away from awful 3rd party exchange rate!

Simple and Fast - Time is Money. It takes as short as 2 minutes to request for a proxy on K-ulture.

We Cover..

Marketplace and

Fansign Order Site..

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Secondhand Marketplace..

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Fan Cafe, Fanmade Goods and Twitter..


All you can name!

Our Simple 4 Step Process

Fill in our simple proxy form below which takes only 2 minutes!


After payment confirmation, we will order your good, repackage to make sure it is safe for international shipping, and ship it to you!


K-ulture will look into your request and reply with a quotation, including good fee, shipping and our service fee.


And Boom! The goods you have been dreaming for arrive. It's just that simple.

Ask for a Proxy Quote Today!

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