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What is Bunjang (번개장터) and how to shop on Bunjang with K-ulture?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

If you are a K-Pop fan, or even a collector, for your bias's goods, you must have heard about Bunjang, or at least seen the Bunjang watermark. But do you know what exactly Bunjang is?

(Already know what Bunjang is? Go directly to the proxy request page!)

Dreamcatcher album on Bunjang
International resellers often capture the image on Bunjang, which include the watermark ( Product Image © 번개장터)

What is Bunjang (번개장터)?

Bunjang (번개장터) Logo © 번개장터

Bunjang, full name Bunge Jangto (번개장터 in Korean), is one of the most used resale platform for K-Pop goods in Korea. Although it was originally designed to be a second-hand products resale marketplace, you can easily find people selling new products, or even limited items like polaroid, signed album or broadcast photocard on Bunjang.

How to Shop on Bunjang?

Since Bunjang is a Korean local-oriented platform, it provides very limited support to foreigners who do not know Korean. But fortunately it is pretty easy to use and most importantly, you can do a product search even without logging in! Continue reading if you want to know the A to Z for Bunjang:

It is extremely important here that you are visiting via the website (both PC/Mobile is fine) other than the app. While you can look into product details on Bunjang website, they only allowed login user to see product details in app.

Bunjang Homepage
Bunjang Homepage

2. Search for what you need

Just like all other marketplace like eBay or Carousell, you can search for what you need. Here are some common keywords used for K-pop merchandise:

포카 / 포토카드 (photocard)

앨범 (album)

굿즈 (goods)

엽서 (postcard)

포스터 (poster)

Some example search queries: 드림캐쳐 앨범 (dreamcatcher album), 아이즈원 포카 (i*Zone photocard). Replacing the group name in front and search for your stands group products!

Search Page for Bunjang
Search Page for Bunjang

3. Take a look into the search result and find the product you want.

Bunjang search result
Search Result for dreamcatcher photocard

4. Copy the link and share it with us via the proxy request form

You can share the link to a product with the highlighted button. Copy the URL for the product you want and fill in the proxy request form!

Product details in Bunjang
Product Detail Page in Bunjang

K-ulture started Bunjang proxy services since 2016. We are contracted business with Korea Post and have our own exchange partner to provide you the best exchange rate.

Fill in the proxy form today to enjoy the best service with good deal!

Checkout our blog for more info to the K-pop culture!

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