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What is Luckydraw Photocard and how to Save the Most when Purchasing?

In recent K-Pop culture, luckydraw photocards are getting more and more usual, and if your bias group has made / or going to make a comeback, you must have seen something similar.

(Go directly to learn how to save money when purchasing lucky draw if you know what it is!)

BTS Luckydraw Photocard Event during PROOF comeback
BTS Luckydraw Photocard Event during PROOF comeback (© Soundwave)

So, What is Lucky Draw Photocard?

Lucky draw event, or luckly draw photocards, are some limited photocards given when albums are purchased in a specific time period from a specific website. Most of the retailer sites like Synara, Soundwave, KTown4U etc, do host lucky draw events so it is possible that your bias group has 5+ lucky draw events in the same time across different retailers! Therefore, it is important to be wise and save as much as you can while purchasing. K-ulture has organized 4 saving tips, helping you to save the most and get an extra album.

Different Lucky Draw Events across Retailers, across Groups © Soundwave

1. Check Price Difference accross KR / Overseas website

It is common for retailers to use different currencies for KR / overseas websites, and the exchange rate is where the price difference comes in. The price differences can go up to 30% (Seriously?) so make sure to check all the price before purchasing! However, please be aware that some korean site only take domestics payment & domestic address, and here is where the 2nd tip come in!

Korean Website Price: 55,800 Won (Approx. 43.2USD)
Overseas Website Price: 55.8USD

2. Use Local Proxy / Warehouse Services for Domestic Payment & Shipping

Due to the significant price difference, in some case the total price for KR website album + proxy service fee is still cheaper than the overseas website. For example, with K-ulture All-in-One proxy service, the service fee can be as low as 7.5% and both domestic payment & warehouse services are included.

Ok maybe this is not an universal tip if international payment & shipping is also available on Korean website, but using proxy / warehouse can save more than just the price differences! Continue reading to learn more about the benefits.

3. Choose an Appropriate Shipping Method

There are a lot of different shipping methods, Ground shipping, Air package, EMS, EMS Premium... a lot to name. To keep thing simple, it is a balance between price and speed.

See below example on the shipping price for a 20 kg package to US, then you can see shipping fee can also give a big difference. K-ulture Proxy Service allows customer to choose whatever shipping method they want, help

Shipping Method

Ground Shipping

Air Package


EMS Premium



(Est. in USD)






Time to Arrive

​30 - 60 Days

7-14 Days

2-5 Days

2-5 Days

3-7 Days

Shipping Price for a similar package on retailer website: $285

4. Get Lucky Draw PC Only / Use Album Unboxing Services

Some proxy services, especially those who understand the need of a K-pop fan, often provide album unpackaging services, which allows you to receive all the album inclusion but not the album itself, saving you tons of shipping fee!

As a k-fan-base focused proxy provider, K-ulture understand overseas k-pop fans well (We used to be! Now we are 'local' k-pop fans) and therefore, of course we have the album unboxing services. We also provide the option to receive lucky draw photocard only without extra charge.

Combine Everything - Real Life Example

Let's look into a real case that we helped an overseas fan base to order and organize a Lucky Draw Photocard G.O. to US, here is the actual price difference:

K-ulture Proxy - Shop from Korean Site,

Album Unboxing


K-ulture Proxy - Shop from Korean Site

Order Directly from International Site

Product Price

​$15.5 * 50 Albums


​$15.5 * 50 Albums


$17.7 * 50 Albums



$47.3 (<1 Kg for Album Inclusion)

EMS Premium



K-ulture Service Fee

​ Proxy $58.2

Album Unbox $25

​ Proxy $58.2






Price Difference with Direct Purchase






Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our services, please always feel free to reach out to us directly via the chatbox, or send us an enquiry mail to

Otherwise, start your journey with K-ulture Proxy Service Today!

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